I started taking an interest in art when I was very young.  I loved to draw and paint.  When my parents took me to the store I would always go through the office supplies and arts section and just hang out.  Photography came much later in life and pretty much coincides with the digital era.  Photography combines my love for art and techiness with my affinity for people.   After purchasing my first film camera in 2005, I found myself addicted to the organized chaos and unbridled happiness and haven’t looked back since.  In sports I enjoy seeing how far I can push myself.  In addition to MMA and Wrestling I have participated in many combat events.

Photography moves me due how images are concrete, yet fluid. Some images hold the past by bringing a person back to a certain feeling. While some images offer glimpses of the future by re-presenting what cannot be perceived except by commanding stillness. A moment presented and captured can be represented in a variety of ways. It depends on how it’s framed, focused, on the lighting, on the f-stop, the aperture, etc…….. Using such elements one can bring a person back to a certain feeling they had at a moment and bring them forward by presenting them something they’ve never seen in themselves or others before. As a photographer I strive to find beauty (truth and holistic beauty) in the things most eyes sweep over and capture human moments that may not seem exceptional, those tend to be the ones we never want to forget.   The act of photography itself is an attempt at control, though only to a certain extent. We all have a choice in how we perceive and react to experiences, photography has asked me to stop, breathe and assess. My time machine inspires me to value the choice we all have to make a conscious decision regarding what I want to sense and how I want to respond. A picture speaks volumes. Photographs tell secrets and stories and yet without utterance or written word one photo can have a million different meanings to every individual.  A photograph can be a response and a representation.